Ring Story





Unbreakable bond.

Your love for each other is based on a solemn oath and this is represented by the shackle, which links two objects together as one. At the same time as being stylish, the design is also rounded to ensure a comfortable fit on your finger. In fact, the straight, bolt portion of this ring is particularly challenging to make, but is achieved here by the intricate skills of our craftsmen.

The diamond embedded in the protruding portion gives the ring that unmistakable bridal feel. The name “Ream” is inspired by the Japanese word “renketsu” which means “join”, and symbolizes companionship, friends and you and your partner joined as one. This rare and uniquely designed wedding ring is perfect for those who don’t feel the need to meet the status quo and offers an alternative to mainstream bridal rings.

GRJ-36 / コンビ
GRJ-36D / DIAMOND / コンビ